Bernie Weigand

Phoenix, Oregon, USA

"My whole life is my art, my medium." ~ Bernie

An artist, licensed educator and writer, Bernie enjoys her neighbors and her four grown children. Her passion for creative, organic homestead building expresses itself in Southern Oregon and Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Community is her foundation in both places. Verbal, visual, and interpersonal flow together in her diverse artistic expressions. "Everyone is creative."

Service Synergy is an education 501(c)3 to "Create global citizens one friendship at a time." She formed it to promote two favorite projects-in-process, Ambassador Service Study (a template curriculum to help students design their own credit-earning global service project) and Casa Grace (a cottage industry for supporting the caregivers of at-risk kids in Tepic). She is an avid believer that learning others' languages and cultures is necessary for global peace and that it is best done in the context of actual relationships, face to face. .

Books by Bernie Weigand