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Bill Allsopp Photography
Blurbarian Since August 2008
Business Name Bill Allsopp Photography
Business Web Site www.billallsopp.co.uk
Location Leicestershire, UK.
Business Phone Number 01530 230 360
About My Business I am driven to portray the beauty that surrounds us, especially the landscape of Britain which I firmly believe is underappreciated; many people seem to look around without really seeing. It takes time, effort and practice to ‘see’ rather than just ‘look’, to separate the elements comprised in the view as a whole. My purpose in life is to share my ability to see with others.

I have been active in photography throughout my life, then as now it is the beauty all around us that enthralls me, in colour and in monochrome. In my photographs I seek to present my own interpretation of my subject and to maximise the impact of the landscape which exists in fog, wind and rain as well as a glorious sunny spring morning.

Areas of Expertise Landscape photographer, monochrome a speciality.

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