Zakia Iman Shahbaz

Maryland, USA

Zakia Iman Shahbaz, an American, would like to acknowledge and thank all those sisters who have contributed to the MWWWI Annual Folios. Specifically, for 2017, these members: Jamillah Abdul Muhaymin, Haleemah Abdul Muhaymin, Muriel (Maryam) Simmons and Brenda (Habeebah) Carrington, and also to the many other contributing writers.
Zakia is a retired teacher with a Master's degree in Education and a Major in Art,. who taught for many years in public and private schools and traveled to many countries in the Middle East. She is realizing her dream of writing and illustrating stories about Muslim children with broad universal appeal to readers of all religions and cultures. Specifically, she hopes to contribute to cross-cultural understanding. All of the illustrations for her children books were done by her.

Books by Zakia Iman Shahbaz