Philip Robertson

Lincoln, California, USA

I called and photographed my first bird, a California Quail, at the age of 13 using a reed quail call and a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye box camera and have been hooked on nature photography ever since.

I provide travel, scenic and wildlife photos to private collectors, wildlife artists, various non-profits, environmental consulting companies, travel companies and a few local and regional publications and corporations.

Growing up on a small farm in Southern Illinois I learned to love and appreciate nature. As I grew older (and older) the love grew stronger. The love of nature and capturing the beauty and excitement of nature is what gets me out of a nice, warm bed hours before dawn on an icy winter’s morning. It motivates me to walk through cold dark waters in my chest waders to a photo blind at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge or a local pond; and then sit quietly as possible for hours hoping to get “the” shot of a bird or animal.

Enjoy nature but tread lightly!


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