Bob Mooney


Bob is a husband, dad, pastor, and a part-time photographer. He has been serving as pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda, California since 1985. Bob also serves as Chairman of the Board of Hope 4 Kids / Water 4 Kids International which is a non-profit organization that brings joy, dignity, love, and health to children in Uganda, Namibia, India, Romania and other underdeveloped places around the world.

Bob has always loved to tell stories. His wife Jeannie and their two grown children, Ty and Tessa Joy, are all very creative visual artists. They have encouraged Bob over the years to paint his pictures with words. These stories are Bob's brush strokes, painting word pictures to help others see God's presence revealed in our daily routine, our greatest joys, and our deepest sorrows.

A portion of the proceeds from each book will go to Water 4 Kids to provide safe water for the men, women, and children of Uganda.

Books by Bob Mooney