Lorraine Boogich


Miami, Florida, United States

A photographer with one eye sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Yes, my vision is medically considered "monocular" but I choose to see the world in full frame, preferably with a View Camera.

As a child I expressed myself creatively through visual art, drama and dance. Within in me is an innate force of imagination that drives me to produce constant artistic output. Over the years the desired choice of media has evolved but I always have been motivated to create.

The work I create is often simply a reflection of the impression left upon me by my physical surroundings. Often I try to expose hidden beauty in the mundane and sometimes ordinary. Experimentation and my attraction towards the eccentric push me to look beyond the surface in order to capture the true essence of my subject whether it is living, natural or man-made.

Driven to express I continually strive towards professional and personal growth.

Books by Lorraine Boogich