Darvin Hoffman

Wears Valley, Tennessee, U.S.A.

After thirty-five years in the college classroom, I retired in 1999 and moved from the Texas Coast to Wears Valley, TN, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I began writing for fun in 2003. Some of my stories are for very young children (The Magic Koi and Zack's Caboose). Others are for pre-teens and early teens (Return to Caperus, Red Bird Summer, Dino's Fabulous All-Volunteer Piano Army, and Levi And Friends). Dinky Morgan is a private detective story for adults. Finally, there is a photo book, My Porch, My Views. Two more Private Detective books are being written, as are the remaining two stories in the Levi And Friends triology.

Books by Darvin Hoffman