Brent McGregor

Sisters, Oregon, USA

Brent’s interest in photography came later in life. So did a love for mountaineering. Combining the two created a perfect niche. Photographing and climbing year round has resulted in a large archive of high quality images. He shoots often, and he shoots a lot when he is out. He loves a good challenge and staying active. Brent is happiest packing a camera and tripod in the high country.

Brent earned the honor of photographer of the year twice now in the Cascades Camera Club. His work is published in Bend Living and Cascades East, and the Nugget Newspaper. He enjoys putting on slideshows around Oregon showing the beautiful places his climbs have taken him. He has a series of postcards, and a screen saver CD that portrays the Cascade Range and are available in Central Oregon retail stores. Brent is looking forward to bringing back new images of areas yet to explore.

Books by Brent McGregor