Rebekah Younger

Oakland, CA United States

With over 30 years experience as an artist/designer, Rebekah's art career has been rich and varied. Her early interest in printmaking and painting was offset by a passion for handknitting. Deciding in 1984 to put her art into her knits she began designing her own line of sweaters, Younger Knits. For the past 25 years her work has been featured in art to wear exhibits in major museums, fine craft shows and galleries nationwide.
After heart surgery in 2006, Rebekah Younger began working more heavily in photography and digital media along with her knits. Her book reflects this transition into contemplative photography informed by her refined aesthetic vision cultivated by years of work as a designer and artist.
Rebekah lives in the SF Bay Area where she teaches photography and has her interior decorating business, inSite Contemplative Design.

Books by Rebekah Younger