Carrie Kellogg

Savannah, GA USA

Carrie is a full time landscape photographer. Originally from Linton Indiana, she graduated with a degree in Laboratory Technology and worked in the medical field for over 18 years. She studied photography in high school and loved taking landscape photos of rural Indiana. Not being a big demand for landscape photography in her small town she laid down her camera and pursued a career in the medical laboratory. Seven years ago being given the opportunity to leave the medical field, she started painting. Needing new reference pictures for her painting, she picked up her camera and rediscovered her love for photography. Her husband, Ed and her have lived in Savannah for over 21 years. Carrie’s work has received much recognition. She has received several awards from The Landings Art Association, the Coast Week Photography contest and the Savannah Art Association,She has been artist of the month at the Landings Art Association ,Gallery 11 and Gallery 209. Her first published pictures we

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