Cathie Brooker Photography

Mayfield, Newcastle

Cathie Brooker is a creative photographer who loves photographing people and animals in a witty, symbolic and artistic style. She has had twenty-five years experience in photography with magazine, corporate and private clients. She has an art background which flavours her work and makes it unforgetable and unique.

Cathie Brooker has had seven solo exhibitions and over sixty group shows in Australia. Purity is a retrospective book of over 25 years work.

Magazine work:

1990-1998 Australian Women's Forum. Body Talk,
Monthly from Aug 92, Features, Male Centre Folds

Television Appearances

1994 Dr Feel Good, Channel 7, Body Talk
1996 Sex Life, Channel 10, Undressing Dolly

Volunteer work:

2000 Sydney Olympic Games,
Press Operations (Photography) Gymnastics

Wedding photography:

1995 Marcia Hines

Areas of Expertise

Art photography

Books by Cathie Brooker Photography