Celeste Vander Ham

Lake Elsinore, CA

Dear Hollywood audience, friends, and family.
I have loved you since I was little. You had the most wonderful shows for me to watch when I was young. Shows like Little House, Bonanza, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Andy Gifeth, I love Lucy, Hitckcock, Twilight Zone, Cheers and Taxi with amazing characters like the Fonz, Gomer Pile, and Archie Bunker that could always make me smile. Today with more than 5X the selection nothing can really compare except maybe Friends and House and few others I tape. So basically I am not to impressed by most of the shows or movies out there. Come on Hollywood give me a reason to go to the movies every weekend. I am getting to old and running out of time I can't wait for you to produce something good. How can I tell you what to do? Right? If you want something done, maybe you should try it yourself. So I dreamed of writing something myself. I guess I believed in myself just enough to give it a try. Now I am chasing that dream and I'll catch it if I can!

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