Chase Starz


I Am….
A woman/poetically writin/my views of/the world/around me/expressing/what’s in me/on the paper be4 me/speakin the unknown/to the unknown/bringin em together/to be tomorrow’s known
Label me a human/bein all I wna be/thru my mind/heart/and soul/I observe all around/thru my words/I paint a picture/of all that I’ve come to see
I am…./a lesbian/artist/lover/family/and friend/all that you are/but different in that I’m me

Take this as an intro/an insight/to me/never to be completed/cauz completion is to me impossible/becauz all things are possible/meanin today I am/but tomorrow I may be/except in the fact/that I have/and always will be…../jus me

- Chase Q Starz

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