Chauntae Knuckles

Redlands, California

Chauntae is a writer of various genres and an aspiring filmmaker. Thanks to her high school English teacher seeing her potential and a snail mail writing course her mother ordered, she was preparing for the realization that writing would become her life's calling. Presently, she is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. "A Tall Glass of Celibacy" is her debut book which deals with issues surrounding risky sexual behavior that thrusts lives on roller coaster rides of casual intimate relationships, extending heartache, drama, and psychological warfare. It is a catalyst to encourage dealing with the ills of lust, promiscuity, and premarital sex. It is a reality check of the damage done when people spread themselves around. It is a nudging to remember that sex can wait. " We must set better examples for our children to follow in hopes that teenage pregnancy and the spread of STDs may be diminished. Equally important, we must show our youth that their value is infinite in our eyes."