LynnMarie Schwann


My journey began - well at the beginning like many.
I enjoy photography and any sort of art. I love and could spend every waking moment out doors! I love to garden - watch the sun set and just hang out with the moment. I am an optimist to the 'nth degree!

I feel that I have spent my life looking in...wondering...why? Through all of the ups and downs, pains and struggles, I have grown.
I have sat beside myself and observed. From that I have simply be. Knowing that I can choose how my life is lived,brings me deep comfort now. It is that simple beauty around us that completes us. Look around today, see all the beauty in God's creation, more importantly see it within your very soul and smile.

I spend most of my days as a Healing facilitator, doing massages and emtional stress release. I have been doing that now for 20+ yrs. Before I spent my life in corporate america! I love to cook and bake. I live in the country and it is the most beautiful spot one could ever be!

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