Charley Silverman

San Jose, Costa Rica

With a degree in Technical Journalism from Colorado State, I have dedicated my post college life to seeing and trying new things. First on my list was a two year stint in the Peace Corps, in Morocco. During and after my time in Morocco I wrote a book available at, so check that out. After Peace Corps I have since traveled to Costa Rica for my next long term living project. Here, in San Jose and on any beach I can get to, I am writing ever more, and getting a TEFL certificate to teach English as a second language.
In addition to traveling I have numerous other interests. I love sports (especially Denver/Colorado based teams), eating for pleasure, reading and writing, my Zaidy, the ho-hot music the Hot Music, and meeting new people.
I hope to be a more frequent contributor to as well as a writer of ever expanding horizons.

Books by Charley Silverman