Clay Robeson

Bay Area, CA, USA

I am an actor, improviser, writer, director, producer, waiter and photographer. I ditched my desk job in 2003 to pursue a "creative life" -- and so far it's been okay...

My first camera was a little 110 pocket camera that my parents gave to me. The young me took rolls upon rolls of tiny little slides with it. It wasn't until years later, when my folks got me a 35mm Yashica SLR that I started really taking photographs, though.

Wandering Boston kept me busy for a while, but it was really my trip to Amsterdam in May of 2000 that got me starting on the road to taking photographs of EVERYTHING. And it was the encouragement of my friends that convinced me that maybe I do have a decent eye for this stuff.

Two trips to Nepal, a cruise to Mexico, a family reunion in North Carolina and three Improv festivals later, I've taken over 50,000 images (digital and print).

Luckily, I have beautiful friends and family to photograph.

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