Cora Lynn Deibler

Ashford, CT, USA

Cora Lynn Deibler received a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University in 1985, and an MFA in Illustration from Syracuse University as a University Fellow in 1995. Deibler is an Associate Professor in The University of Connecticut’s Department of Art and Art History where she has been Area Coordinator for the illustration program since 1997.

Ms. Deibler specializes in editorial, children’s, and children’s educational illustration. Her current interests include humorous images in an educational context for children’s publishing and she has performed as Spider magazine’s resident serial artist, with the magazine featuring her work on a monthly basis in “The Danderfield Twins” from January 2004 until 2009. In the same vein, she is continuing work on “The Art of Rare Breeds: A Visual Exploration of Farm Animal Conservation,” a project devoted to interpreting images of rare and endangered agricultural animals.

Books by Cora Lynn Deibler