Rosemarie Culver

Lon don, Ontario, Canada

Rosemarie was born in Ontario, Canada. Interest in photography began as a kid using the kodak brownie cameras. Being a teacher of geography and history photographs became useful tools in enhancing lessons.
As interest in photography grew, Rosemarie joined her local camera club and began a long association with photography organizations. In time Rosemarie served as president of her local camera club and as president of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.
For her achievements in photography Rosemarie received an Associateship in the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (ACAPA) and Honours in the International Association of for Photographic Art (ESFIAP)
Moving into digital technology, Rosemarie now produces slide shows for public viewing and books featuring her photographs. Her first book "Adirondacks in Autumn" was followed by "Michigan-Northern Shores". The writing of this book was inspired by her close family ties to Michigan.

Books by Rosemarie Culver