T. Scott Sharbaugh


Born and raised in a small coal mining town in rural Pennsylvania, T. Scott Sharbaugh took an interest in visual and photographic arts at a very young age. Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, and Alexander McQueen were some of his early inspirations, influencing his passion for fashion. He studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Point Park University. He began his early photographic career photographing the urban landscape, contemporary and haute couture fashion. While producing his own compendium of work, Sharbaugh pursued artistic interests and explored the beauty and originality of all types of artists following their dreams in today's world. He considers photography his lifestyle, surrounding himself with art. He strives to capture the essence of each of his subjects and make them stunning in their own right. He currently resides in Pittsburgh with his three baby Chihuahuas.

Books by T. Scott Sharbaugh