Dan Gutwein

Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. Gutwein lives in Gaithersburg MD, and is an Instructional Multimedia Design Specialist and Webmaster at Montgomery College (Rockville MD.) Dr. Gutwein has recently retired from a twenty-five year career as Professor of Music at The College of William and Mary where he taught music composition, music theory, computer-music, music cognition, and was the Director of the William and Mary Shakuhachi Dojo. His original compositions range from classical chamber music to experimental computer music. In addition to photography, his other interests include performing shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute.) He has performed with the Washington Toho Koto Society and studies shakuhachi with Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin and occasionally with Yoshio Kurahashi – both Grand Masters of the shakuhachi. His original compositions, scores, and recordings can be purchased from Dorn Publications and Arizona University Records and his audio recordings are available from Starkland (formerly Owl Records.)

Books by Dan Gutwein