Dawn M. Roller

Springfield, MO

I am a Corporate Connector, Innovator, Talent & Organizational Leader, Educational & Cyber Expert, Speaker with Global Impact, Million Women Mentor, Weak2Strong/Weak2Stronger Founder/Owner. Dawn Marie Roller maxes out life in the fast lane personally and professionally. Dawn is a 25-year veteran in the corporate world, 15 year veteran at owning and running businesses and a 12 year veteran of Higher Education. Dawn exudes a passion for driving results through innovative solutions. With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Asperger Syndrome as a talent, Dawn challenges the people she works with to innovate, think deeper and move faster. Dawn is committed to excellence and will go the extra mile for integrity. As a cyber executive and owner/founder of Weak2Stronger.com Dawn thinks outside the box whether one skill or a full master’s degree, the division spans domestic and global positioned partners. Now she also writes books.

Books by Dawn M. Roller