Deb Haugen

Malibu, Ca.

It goes like this......Born and raised in Santa Monica. California. I grew up next to 5 boys, and up the hill from a swamp. Needless to say, my favorites things to play with were frogs. I had an idealic childhood, always had wrinkly hands and feet from being in the pool. My Dad brought home the first color TV on the block, I held it over everyone's head if they wanted to watch they had to let me play basketball with them. Moving on, I became a hippy, in I'd say 1962, and followed the peace, love, movement all the way to Haight Ashbury. I traveled Europe, and worked in hotels, hostels, etc. Got mugged in Amsterdam, and arrested in Lugano for sleeping in an abandoned hotel with 10 other stranded travelers. I love the Indian enlightened master Osho. It's lovely to get into clean white old sheets when you're sunburned. Don't understand mean people. Love coffee ice cream, and I saved the best for last....I have swef, tyler, britt, shugie, coop and charlie. Je suis diamants avec ma poche.

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