Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Buro IKSA gives intercultural training, familyconstellations, systemic coaching and advise. Central themes in the work of Buro IKSA are:
- keeping your own identity while working or being together with others.
- respect for values from upbringing and cultural backgrounds.
- Tao: accept what is and follow your path of life fluently

Areas of Expertise

Buro IKSA has the following areas of expertise:
- intercultural training for expats, repatriats, bicultural backgrounds or relationships, adoption from other countries and cultures.
- intercultural constellations for individuals, families, businesses.
- systemic coaching for individuals and businesses.
- special focus on colonial backgrounds of The Netherlands, post-war-syndroms, confict-issues, identity-confusion, Indonesia, Papua.

Books by Buro IKSA