Desmond Barton Maurer

Honolulu, HI, USA

Desmond Barton Maurer (b. Aug 30, 2007) has lived in Boulder (Colorado), London, and Honolulu. He is better known as Dezi. When not lighting up the easel with a fistful of markers and brushes, he enjoys long mornings at the beach, baking cookies with his mom (Kasey Barton), being read a choice Dr. Seuss, or lining up his toy cars and monster trucks in long rows along the "dinner" table he has long since co-opted for such purposes. He's a big fan of his baby sister Zora ("100% pretty") and loves when she returns his smiles. His dad (John Maurer) often accompanies him at the easel and set up this store to showcase Dezi's artwork to friends and family.

Books by Desmond Barton Maurer