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The Graffiti of War Project is a collaboration of veterans, service members, military family members and civilians whose focus is on raising awareness for those suffering from the invisible wounds of war, primarily posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and on developing and providing alternative solutions for the healing of those afflicted. Many of our members either struggle with these wounds themselves or share the burden of a loved one who does. Our collective vision, as members of this team, is to change the world in which we live one small step at a time.

Areas of Expertise

Our overall mission for The Graffiti of War Project is to provide a positive outlet for those who are afflicted with PTSD, in order to help them release the emotions of war, and to work with organizations who offer traditional and alternative treatment methods, such as art therapy and music therapy, as well as individual and group therapies.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars
American Legion

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