Dominic R Sondy

Chicago, IL

Dominic Sondy has spent most of his career behind the lens capturing events, locations, people and a variety of subjects. Vintage Image has been digital for several years using the professional-standard camera and ancillary equipment. Dominic is also well versed in Adobe Photoshop. This technical combination produces powerful results for clients. His background includes Chief Photographer with one of the nation’s most respected tradeshow photography companies, Chicago Tribune advertising sales and a Correspondent in the U.S. Army.

Digital Illustration is a detail-oriented process requiring skill and patience. It is not a Photoshop filter or some kind of computer plug-in. The techniques and tools used to create a digital illustration are similar to those used to make an illustration with pen and ink.

Vintage Image Digital Illustration & Photography specializes in one-of-a-kind Great Lakes Maritime images.

Books by Dominic R Sondy