Donna Covey

Benicia, California

I am a San Francisco Bay Area native, living in Benicia, CA. Don't ask me why, but I enjoy painting buildings and signs from locations that have had an impact on my life. I recently completed the "Suisun Valley Series" depicting landmarks from an area I love: the Suisun Valley in California where I grew up. My newly published book "Suisun Valley Landmarks: A Walk Down Memory Lane" is a presentation of the thirteen Suisun Valley locations that have stood the test of time. Each painting is accompanied by a vignette; a story about the location that you won't find on the internet. I am now beginning several new series of paintings; North Beach Neighborhoods, the Class of '67, and Benicia Alleys and Side Streets.

My intent is to find and enhance - with splashy color - the beauty of existing buildings and signs and include a little whimsy in the process.

Books by Donna Covey