Erıc Wegryn

Bay Area, California

Dr. Erıc Wegryn is a professional scientist and educator. After circumnavigating the world, he completed his graduate research and dissertation detailing his findings from the Mars Pathfinder mission. He then relocated to the Bay Area, where he has worked with NASA and the SETI Institute on the Cassini Mission to Saturn, discovering polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on Iapetus.

When not teaching astronomy, he is also a science author and correspondent, working with the Exploratorium in San Francisco to cover Mars and Saturn space missions.

His travel adventures include a trip around the world, dozens of National Parks, a double millennium celebration in Fiji and Hawaii, and a Mediterranean semi-circumnavigation, joining The Exploratorium in Turkey for their live coverage of the March 2006 total solar eclipse.

Books by Erıc Wegryn