Errol Ebanks


Errol Ebanks began his photographic career 7 years ago. Throughout life there were many challenges; one in particular was being born at one pound fourteen ounces. But being born so small, never deterred him from his biggest dream of being the best photographer in the world. Completing his degree in Multimedia Print & Photography at Wilmington University, and gazing through the pages of Vogue, Elle, and many more, Errol has achieved much success. He had many of his photojournalism work published through Wilmington University, became a finalist in the Best of College 2009 for his piece called “La Détente,” and devoted his time photographing for organizations like The American Heart Association and C.E.R.T.S., Inc.

Errol is committed to capturing everybody in the present. And letting the image remind people of the classic time of the past and the future each bright star and starlet can become.

Books by Errol Ebanks