Pic Boutique

Thiene (Vicenza), Italy

Dear Art-Lovers and Collectors,
it is Beppe's and my great pleasure to present you this very proof of our most exciting venture in our creative life!

We have cut and styled hair at the intriguing fashion shows in Milan and Paris, we have designed clothing for many years, we have visited the world and its colourful facets, we have lived in different countries learning about different cultures, we have worked with the most interesting and inspiring people, and even with the worst, we can count precious characters our friends and had the privilege to taste delicious meals from around the world. And now we have finally come to the point to say we are proud and happy to provide space to artists who find joy and satisfaction in their way of creating and producing art.
We see our gallery as a part of a creative movement, a constant initiative to merge the sectors of design, architecture, art and fashion!

Visit us at http://www.picboutique.com

Best, Eddie

Areas of Expertise

Art, Photography and Painting

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