Eadweard R. York

Los Angeles, CA / Shanghai, China

Eadweard R. York

b. Twentieth Century
Birthplace: Omaha, NE.
Residence: Los Angeles, CA. / Shanghai, China

Eadweard's work has appeared on MTV, and in numerous publications including; Spin, Rolling Stone, Plazm, Zero Hour, Arena, The Rocket-Seattle, Art Papers, Venice, Harpers, Art Review, Emigre, The Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, The Orange County Register, Coagula, Art Rag, The Folk Art Messenger, Creative Loafing, American Art Review, and RayGun.

Eadweard has constantly pushed the boundaries of conceptual,contemporary, avant-garde art as an outsider whose distinctive, surreal, pop-punk, dada, anti-art style has set him apart from the conformist while elevating his status as an underground icon.

His legendary art public reaction performances and installations have been quite influential, sometimes confrontational and always at the forefront in the art world.

Eadweard has held over 80 exhibitions. His artwork is included in numerous public and private collection

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