Jacquelyn Nicholson

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

She has an unique gift, she can take an everyday thing that most of us take for granted and break it down to its simplest of essence and then put it into words that most don't even realize: It's Life, but not as we know it, that essences of being. Which makes up this amazing world we live it. Jacquelyn, wrote her first poem; On the shore; way back in 1977, while working on a class project. Where she and her fellow class mates, had their finished poems published in a small book titled Opinions.
Jacquelyn, found her class teacher to be a great inspiration and continued to carry on writing.
These days Jacquelyn, writes books on history, photography, poetry, genealogy & more. Her books are an inspiring journey and well worth the read

Books by Jacquelyn Nicholson