Edward Nunez

Fremont, California, USA

I was born and raised in Venezuela, and I currently live in the San Francisco bay area. I have always been passionate about technology, music, art and my family.

For me, photography comprises a little bit of everything I like: technology, art, love for nature and beauty. Even though I believed I am a late bloomer photographer, this is a passion that came and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

In my photographs I try to depict nature beyond the obvious, charged with emotions, and the feeling of Zen and tranquillity of being in the outdoors. I dedicate time, and effort to capture the images, and each image is crafted to portrait the moment and place at its best.

I hope you find a little bit of me in each photo, or at least that I pass along the beauty that surrounds us that sometimes is taken for granted, and in our rush through life we just pass by without really enjoying it.

Books by Edward Nunez