Elle Hanley

Seattle, WA

Elle Hanley is an american fine art photographer currently living and working in seattle. her work is creative and varied focusing mainly on capturing beauty and emotion in a still shot of time.

she began photography two years ago as an artistic outlet and it grew into a full fledged devotion. she was drawn in particular to self portraiture for the control it gave over the image outcome and has since grown into a self portrait artist. Elle enjoys the challenges in creating something vintage and timeless from a thoroughly modern process and the contradiction between the two is a strong theme throughout her work.

one of her latest and largest accomplishments is the completion of a 365 project she worked on throughout 2011. a photo a day, for an entire year. currently she is enjoying a much less stressful shooting schedule while finishing her second photo book and creating new and intriguing characters to photograph.

Books by Elle Hanley