Eric L Hansen

Long Beach, CA USA

Eric L Hansen's color images are deeply personal storyboards of his own connections to post-modern American culture. In the last five years, his work has been curated in more than twenty group shows, and three solo exhibitions.

Dollhouse was featured in the spring 2006 issue of Eyemazing, the international fine art photography journal published in the Netherlands and distributed in the United States through museum bookstores such as MOMA and MOCA. Dollhouse was presented in 2007 at the George Billis LA Gallery located in Los Angeles’ Culver City arts district.

Eric began making photographs at the age of 12, and while he later studied drawing and painting, photography remains his enduring passion. He earned a BFA degree at Rutgers in creative writing and theatre: acting, directing, stage lighting, and set design… the art of telling a story with actors, color, light, shadow and space.

Books by Eric L Hansen