Fares Aoun

Fairfax, Virginia, USA

A Fine Arts major, Fares Aoun has created a substantial body of work, including paintings using all types of media, such as oil paint, watercolor and charcoal. In his paintings, he concentrates on the study and portrayal of motion. His works draw the eye toward the movement of his subjects in each composition, so the viewer not only sees, but feels, the action, color, value and contrast in each painting.

His interest in volume drew Fares irresistibly toward sculpture. All his sculptures are life size representations of people. The way he uses light and shadow brings the volume of his sculptures to life.

Fares's photos reflect his love of nature and wildlife. They also depict his travels. On this site you can preview his new photo book, Maximum Alaska, where you can see the variety of flora and fauna, not to mention the magnificent landscapes, of the largest state in America. His portrayals of the residents and indigenous peoples offer a rarely seen glimpse of life in Alaska.

Books by Fares Aoun