Bernie Noga

Orlando, FL USA

"I'm Blond And I make Movies..."

FilmGuru (film go͝o-ro͞o) Noun. A Frizzy Blond Haired Filmmaker who creates Stories through Multimedia Art, Animation, Photo, and Video Imagery. A Personal Spiritual Teacher, Adviser and Mentor to those pursuing the Art of Indie Film-making.

Bernie Noga aka FilmGuru- Orlando, Florida- Resident Filmmaker, Writer, Animator, and Photo Vigilante. Credits include : Sesame Street, Enzian Theater, RAOC (Cheetos), UNICEF, US ARMY, BLUE HARVEST, and others.

A Graduate of Ohio State University with a BFA in Cinema Production, Noga went on to attain an Associate of Arts degree in Photography, Television Production and Theater Design. Noga Also studied film production at the Film Institute.

Through Video & Coffee… His films Continue to bridge the Gap between the Ovation Cyber Community and the real Art World.