Stephanie Kordan


Stephanie Kordan is a writer, photographer, artist, cook and a mother of three children. She is an iPhone photography adventurer and a Nikon slinging foodie.

Stephanie is a connoisseur of aphrodisiacs that are beneficial for women’s health and wellness. Her blog, The Sensual Foodie, is an adventure in aphrodisiac recipes for love, wellness, and vitality.

Stephanie enjoys creating a loving pot of soup, baking cakes, making batches of granola, and likes healthy comfort foods the most. Her cooking style is mainly vegetarian, with some exploration of seafood and other types of cuisine. Her kitchen philosophy is to use local farmers’ market produce with a loving hand and a joyful heart.

Once upon a time, Stephanie lived in the culinary gumbo pot of New Orleans, Louisiana, where she absolutely could not resist the temptation of butter, and learned how to use spices like a sorceress.

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