Fred Ressler

Hawthorne, Florida

Intuited something was greatly amiss in the world when stuck into pre-K at age 2 1/2 (Hunter College elementary school N.Y.C.) starting with the first minute. All the other kids seemed to be having a great time running around chasing each other. i felt separated, isolated and caged. Is Soon realized that this educational system was the "easiest way" to go despite the "misery." Rationalized that "my parents and society might be right. Became a"doctor" of optometry in 1967. Good summer to go to and get my California O.D. license, see the draft board and drop out. Met many hippies who seemed more potentially human than i had met in the "outside" world. Could do my own thing and be accepted as potentially human. I figured that if i ever came up with something i could enjoy intrinsically it might have value in the outer world. Played free music with some appreciation (even by Billy Taylor in central park NYC. ). I thank the sacred for turning me on to sacred images to photograph.