Manuela Nicolini

Ghedi, Italy, Brescia

Born in Ghedi (BS) in 1965 from a young Manuela is attracted by the magic of colors. After school dress designer has experience working in various sectors that bring reality to know different. Her ongoing research is to give a deeper meaning to his life, always convinced that "there is much more than what we see." Her great desire is to create and transmit to others what she discovers in her journey. In fact decided to dedicate her life to this. Then joins the inner quest to research and experimentation, through courses but also as self-taught, materials and different techniques. Her new artistic expression, AQVACOLOR 4D *, is the result of intuition and research in recent years. Here the colors take shape, transparency acquired volume, different materials are combined, the picture becomes almost sculpture. Spirit and Matter come together thanks to the consciousness of the artist (hence the name AqvaColor 4D). Vibration of joy, harmony and prosperity are awakened in the observer.

Books by Manuela Nicolini