Manuela Nicolini


Manuela Nicolini is an “artist researcher” who was able to integrate her life experiences in different sectors, an innate creativity and experimentation with new techniques and materials.
Combining personal growth with artistic research Manuela coming to the realization that the human being is a "Creator" that has in itself so the Power to create its own reality, and realized that this knowledge can be applied in the creation of her artworks.
Each of her artworks is full of vibrations of feelings and conscious thoughts that become part of the construction material along with color, sand, water.
Her purpose is to create works that convey the principles of Love, Joy, Harmony, and more principles that anyone can apply to their lives to realize the best experience in life.
To express these concepts she has developed a new form of expression that called AQVACOLOR 4D.

Books by Manuela Nicolini