Terri Sander


53 years of age, a wife, mother and grandmother.
My passion is motorsport (Drag Racing) for 17 years.
I live in sunny Queensland, Australia in the little town of Ipswich just 20 minutes from the racetrack.
To date - this being April 2010, I have been down a drag strip 2680 times and never tire of doing it.
I am by no means a writer but have the urge to write at the moment.
A challenge to myself this year was to write a short children's story, hence my book "Billy Butterfly". This has now given me the incentive to write about my beloved motorsport. Book title "ON TRACK".

I am a member of the AWMN (Australian Women's Motorsport Network);

Member of Groovy Grandmas;

Books by Terri Sander