Paris, France

My Picture are my Memory.
My Books fix emotional seconds forever when time goes by.

For BLURB, I have created 2 different collections as the day and the night:

1 / THE DAY:
".you are here", my travel picture book:
a journey through the place I've been that gave me emotions and souvenirs: Japan, Island, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Lapland, Israel...

"RESERVED Guest" as my Live Vision:
a panorama collection of Artists on Stage with the annual "RESERVED Guest book": a Best of Live 2007 until today: strike a pose of Stars on Stage, in a mixed portfolio of instant attitudes; and with special books on a focused star on Tour: The Red Piano of Elton John; Madonna: Sticky and Sweet Tour; Vanessa Paradis, Acoustic Live; Charlotte Gainsbourg: Live 2010; Robbie Williams:10-10-10, Live in Paris; Lady Gaga, the Monster Ball show; Kylie Minogue, The Folies; ARCHIVE, Live 2007-2011; Janet Jackson, Live in Paris, 2011.

all is just a question of life and live...

Books by I_am_Gregg BENTO*KULTURE