Todd Foltz

Gladstone, Missouri, USA

First book: "The Kneading;" a photo and written essay on men and cats; due Thanksgiving 2013!!

For the record, my company is actually HappyPlatypus, with a dynamic and rather sexy "s" there at the end of "HappyPlatypu." But Blurb ran out of spaces and/or esses. And so in this universe, I'm a HappyPlatypu, which I assure you, is not nearly so fecal as it sounds.

This particular platypu is an eccentric former sensitive-ponytail goth boy, now aged past the ponytail but clinging to the sensitivity and the good taste in music. I've spent most of my professional life in communications, both as a writer and photographer, and after hours I've devoted my time to rescuing cats and dogs and the occasional wayward human. Along the way I've been chased up a tree naked by a bear (long, long story), been humiliated on national television and discovered that it's hard to impress a potential date by getting bitten by an alligator.

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