Hans den Boer

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Born in 1958, Hans den Boer is a freelance photographer who lives in the Netherlands. He is a very passionate photographer who enjoys capturing the wonderful beauty of nature. He also has a keen photographic eye for capturing the beauty of women.
After almost twenty years of working with film and developing and printing his own photographs in the darkroom, he discovered the advantage of digital imaging in the late 1990’s. After several years of “hybrid workflow”, capturing the images on film and scanning them with a high-end Imacon Flextight scanner, he switched to a complete digital workflow in 2002. With the equipment he is working with these days, he is able to equalize or outperform the quality of medium format or even 4x5” sheet film. For additional information visit his website or contact Hans by email.

Hans den Boer
email: fotografie@hansdenboer.nl
website: www.hansdenboer.nl

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