Henning von Berg

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Renowned photographer Henning von Berg is dedicated to “Character Portraits” and “Nude Studies”. Compositions with people in buildings/landscapes at natural light conditions are his specialty. He often works with female and male amateurs; his oldest model is a 108 year old lady.

Von Berg's most favorite photography subjects are aristocrats and prostitutes, disabled people and athletes, common folks and celebrities. Coming from a very traditional family background, HvB often intentionally breaks taboos and rules to open new perspectives.

Meanwhile, the self-taught photographer can look back on nearly five hundred publications on four continents. HvB's most eye-catching images are included in 53 anthology books and 4 monograph books. After 47 exhibitions in galleries and museums, his works are sold at fine art photography auctions and through his website.

Books by Henning von Berg