Work With My Mommy


Ivy is a devoted mother, wife, and child of the Most High God. She has a passion and zeal for life, that is matched by her high-energy and constant task list. She is determined and driven and strives to give her best to all that she does.

Ivy assist individuals and businesses in their personal quests to realize their dreams and to achieve their goals. She is passionate about helping others get started in their own business and have true freedom, living life on their terms. Ivy believes in living a balanced lifestyle!

Ivy is a passionate entrepreneur and loves to share words of wisdom and ideas with the world as a personal coach and mentor! She has been helping serve individuals and businesses in their growth strategies and development for 12 years. Ivy has personally coached published authors, million-dollar business owners, actors, photographers, scientist, etc. Her client list is as varied and colorful as her background.

Areas of Expertise

Ivy's background and formal education is in the accounting, sales and marketing, health, fitness and well-being arenas! She holds two Bachelor of Arts Degrees, one Master of Science Degree, and one Master of Arts Degree. She has also obtained several post-graduate certificates for specialized training and skill.

She teaches with a style that is practical, intense and fun!

Professional Affiliations

Ivy has been mentored by legends such as Dani and Hans Johnson, Craig Ballantyne, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Sandi Krakowski and Russ Whitney. She has completed several coaching programs with each of these trainers to develop the skill needed to deliver quality service to her clients. Ivy continues to maintain her coaching and development through out the year to remain up to date on the latest techniques and trends in the market.

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