Antonis Karydis


Antonis Karydis has a BSc from Sussex University (Electronic Engineering) and a MSc from Cranfield Institute of Technology (UK). He is the president of ASR and the inventor of Mativision, the sole system for the production, distribution and playback of interactive immersive multi-camera 360 video. He has been awarded the distinctions of ARPS (Associate) and AIS (Accredited Imaging Scientist) by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) of England.

His art photography book “Dolls & Idols” (ISBN:960–88155-0-9), the first book with exclusively colour Infrared images was published in 2004. His pictures can be found at www.iconikon.gr and several PRS sites.

His photo book “Red” based on his portfolio submitted to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) for the FRPS Distinction to Royal Photographic Society (RPS) was with the Blurb system published in 2009.

Books by Antonis Karydis