Chas Martin

Portland, OR

After studies at Pratt Institute in New York City, Martin worked Boston and San Francisco ad agencies by day as an art director, painting at night.
In 1980 he pursued painting full time and began exploring dimensional work: sculpture, collage and box art. In 1981 he discovered the Columbia Gorge and moved to Hood River, Oregon where he lived until 1998. His current studio is in Portland where he pursues both painting and sculpture. His figures are inspired by petroglyphs and myth. His approach and his results are playful while touching primal nerves.
Martin is a former instructor at Boston Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Northwest Academy and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. He mentors students and delivers workshops from his studio. He lives in Portland, Oregon, but his imagination is not geographically attached.

Books by Chas Martin