Ismat Jahan

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ismat Jahan is a professional photographer, graduated from New York Institute of Photography in Professional Photography. She is taking photographs for over twenty years; however, she is working as a professional photographer since 2001. Though she works as a portraiture and advertising photographer but nature photography is her passion. Specially, trees and leaves intrigue Ismat.
Her first solo photography exhibition was held in October 2004. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Songs in Praise of Trees’. The entire exhibition was on trees, she expressed her appreciation of trees through images. In 2007, she held her second solo photography exhibition, titled ‘Aesthetic Beauty of Trees’. Ismat sees art in trees. She finds beauty in a particular part of a tree, in the shape of leaves, in tree trunks, in its structure or in the whole of the tree. She also participated in two group exhibitions.
Ismat is also a contributor to Prakriti Photo Nature and Wildlife Magazine.

Books by Ismat Jahan